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content sharing

How to Get Fans Creating and Sharing Content for You

30 May in Facebook, Pinterest, Social Media, Social Media Infographic, Social Media Strategy, Twitter

by NEIL PATEL on MAY 30, 2014 Wouldn’t you love to get your fans to generate content for your company, brand, products, or campaigns and share it? Not only would user-generated content save you money, but it would also produce revenue for you. The more you get your fans engaged with...

facebook reach decline

Facebooks Post Reach Declining

12 May in Facebook, Social Media, Social Media Strategy

Facebook’s Organic Reach Decline: How to Respond Posted May 4, 2014 Keywords: Facebook, Social Media Marketing, Content, Marketing, Social Media, Social Networks, reach What can you do about plummeting Facebook post reach? Brands that use Facebook for marketing have seen a sharp drop in engagement. The tight-lipped social network acknowledged as much in a leaked sales deck...