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Social Media is a big deal these days a lot is being written about it by many experts. It can be tough to know where to start and what really works and then you must find the time to do it, or find the right employee. Or is it more cost effective to have it outsourced by professional Social Media Writers? These are all things a business owner must weigh out. 

You know you should do it regularly, along with other things like SEO, posting pictures and videos are also important, so your business can get the likes, so you can get in on the algorithms for google, and make it to the first page, where customers can find you, right? Where do you start?  Does the thought of it all make you crazy? Well I know the feeling! I have been right there with you! Through a lot of research and trial and error, I have put together this guide on “How to prosper from social media in 2015.”

Start with finding the best platform for your business to engage in for social media? Some business owners want to go with the latest new thing, thinking they have to go where the latest craze is. One thing to consider is will it still be popular after you make the commitment and put in all it takes to get started, or will the next great thing come along and pull you there. Another thing that is very important is to find out if there is an audience there that is focused on what you have to offer?

 It takes some research and planning to really get a great return, and bring in those customers. How do you do that? This is a blueprint strategy to get you started in creating a community, a targeted audience that will promote your business by word of mouth. Word of mouth has always been the very best and most cost effective strategy to promote business.

Know first off it is much better to focus deeply on two or three platforms rather than trying to do all of them. You will be rewarded by being an expert in just a few platforms and focus on driving traffic from there rather than hit and miss with a few posting here and there. Remember to succeed it takes consistent effort on a daily basis.

So how do you evaluate the best platform for your business to draw in customers? First off start with the simplest way, just ask your customers. You will want to go where they are. Start with some research. Are there communities talking about what you do, or the product you offer?

Google Alerts is a great place to start, set up alerts for your business or industry. This will give insight, as to the types of conversations happening and if they are relevant and if they are you will want to jump in when appropriate.

Of Course Facebook is the leader with a total of 1.23 billion users as of mid-2014, with projected growth potentially doubling in the next 5 years. They are talking about charging members a monthly fee. Just a small fee, $1.99 a month is what I read. It will be interesting to see how that works out and if will reduce the number of members.

Now your plan of action, you must decide if you want to work on Social Media yourself. Do you really have the time it takes to do a great job that will bring in a sufficient return on your investment? You must consider that in order to get real results it takes time. It will do no good to post once a week. For the best results, you need to be posting several time a day. Will you be spreading yourself to thin? I so, delegate it out. You can assign an employee to do the job. Yet you may be better off going with an expert in the field. It may even cost you less in the long run.  You must consider the trial and errors of getting it right as opposed to the expert that will get it right the first time. However, you will defiantly want to encourage employees to do posts and likes. You may even want to offer incentives to get them involved.

Every business is different in how you design a social media marketing plan. Below is a list of the different platforms, you can go through this and create your plan.

Facebook Objectives:

-Brand Awareness and Engagement -Lead Generation or Sales –Share of relevant links, blog posts and engaging content –Promote upcoming events –Engage with influencers

Actions to take: -set up sponsored posts and ads –Set up Facebook tabs and sync your marketing automation platform

Metrics: – X number of posts per day –Page Followers –Likes -Engagements and Comments  -Referring Traffic  -Shares  -Lead generation or customers


Google+ Objectives

-Brand Awareness and Engagement -Lead Generation or Customer Acquisition –Share a mix of Relevant Links, Blog Posts and Engaging Content

 Action Items: Optimize for SEO and set up Google+ Author Tag – Create and Promote Upcoming Events –Utilize Google + Hangouts

Metrics: - X number of Posts – Google+ circles and follows -Google + Mentions – Referring Traffic

Pinterest Objectives: - Brand Awareness and Engagement – Lead Generation or Customer Acquisition –Share a mix of Relevant Imagery – both brand Related Fun

Action Items: -Create Boards leveraging both Content and Company Culture -Follow other Businesses, Thought Leaders, Customers and Partners.

Metrics –Pins –Re-pins –Followers –Purchases from Pin – Referring Traffic


Twitter Objectives: -Brand Awareness and Engagement –Lead Generation or Customer Acquisition -Share a mix of Relevant Links, Blog Posts and Engagement – Segment Influencers and Create Lists – Communicate Issues from Social Media to Support Team and Ensure Follow-up  -Listen and Respond to Relevant Conversations – Build Reputation

Action Items: Utilize Prompted Tweets and Pinned Tweets – Set up a Twitter Lead Generation Cards

Metrics: – X Number of Posts – Followers – Mentions – Retweets – Number of Lists –Hashtag Usage -Influence of Twitter Followers -Lead Generation or Customer Acquisition –Referring Traffic –Favorite Tweets


Linkedin Objectives: -Brand Awareness and Engagement –Lead Generation and Customer Acquisition – Share a Mix of Relevant Links, Blog Posts and Engaging Content – Promote Upcoming Events –Engage with Influencers

Action Items: -Create and Join Relevant Groups –Encourage Employee Participation –Monitor and Participate in Q&A – Set Up Sponsored Posts and Ads

Metrics: X Number of Posts per Day – Page Follows – Comments, Likes and Shares –Group Participation –Referring Traffic – Lead Generation or New Customers


On Line Video – YouTube Etc.  -X Hours Daily, Weekly or Monthly

Objective: Brand Awareness and Engagement –Viral Sharing –Showcase Company Culture – Post Product Videos and Demos –Create a Video Series to Share

Actions: Determine Ownership of Video Execution –Choose a Production Agency –Determine Distribution Channels _ Create Social Strategy for Promotions – Get Customers, Partners, and Influencers Involved in Video Creation

Metrics: -Views – Shares –Referral Traffic –Pages Ranking on Key Terms from YouTube

Here is some great training on Video Marketing for You tube & posting videos on Social Media sites:  

Kaleb Nation will take you step by step in how to create great videos that will generate traffic for only $47.00. I thought it has some instruction if you want to save some money and create your own videos.

I hope this guide has been informative and helpful in guiding you to getting started with your Social Media Marketing Plan.

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